Friday, September 7, 2012

Tutorial: Weasley Family Clock

I've been wanting to do this project for a very very long time. I know I've not the only one who drooled over Molly Wesley's Clock in the Harry Potter books, come on a clock that tells you where you're family members are (including specifically if they are in mortal peril) um yeah. So when my box for the Crafter Challenge arrived with a giant wood plate I knew exactly what I would make. I had SO much fun making this.

It was a bit time consuming but so much of that was figuring stuff out that I think it'll be way speedier for you guys since you get to get to benefit from my hard work ;) And yes I may have watched Chamber of Secrets with the remote in hand as research.

What You Need

  • Wooden Plate (mine was 15 inches in diameter)
  • Clock Kit
  • Large Clock Hands
  • Dimensional Magic
  • Pictures Printed (see image below)
  • Distressing Ink (brown and blue)
  • Black Vinyl
  • Sliver Scrapbook Paper
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Brown Marker
  • Yarn or String for measuring
Sorry for some extra and not pictured items, that's what happens when I don't have things totally planned out before I start.
What To Do
Start by drawing the scrolls onto the lip of your plate. You want to have 13 equal sections. I figured this out by using yarn to get the circumference and folding it in 13 equal parts and marking the sections (I could have done math but it made more sense for me to see it this way). Using a pencil I freehanded the scrolls.

Find the center of the plate and drill a hole. Make sure it's wide enough to fit your clock piece. 

Cut the locations you want out of vinyl. Even though the film clearly shows "dentist" as a possible location, since there was that thing suggesting that wizards don't have dentists (remember everyone was confused when Hermione said her parents were dentists) I couldn't bring myself to put that so my lists includes a mix of locations from the book and movie. I did: Mortal Peril, Bed, Travelling (I went for the British spelling), Shopping, Forest, Work, Garden, School, Home, Prison, Hospital, Lost, and Quidditch. Affix the vinyl and then trace the scrolls and add any desired accents.

Next print the faces you will be using onto cardstock. Cut them out and with double sided tape attach them to the silver paper. Cut spoon shapes from the silver paper. Next add some dimensional magic to the pictures to make them shinny and look like they are in glass. Allow to dry for a couple hours.

Use distressing ink to make the plate look old. I used brown all over and since the film version had blue accents I used blue around the edges.

Cut out the name hands of the clock. You can use the template I made below or make your own. I tried a bunch of different ways but I found using an exacto knife was the easiest route. Make sure your end part is at least triple the size of the clock piece it will fit onto (I had to add more paper). Then punch holes in the edge. I had to punch twice to make the hole big enough to fit onto the clock.

Finally fit the different hands onto the clock as well as the clock hands. I know the Weasley clock didn't really keep time but I liked the idea of it being functional as well as cute since sadly I don't have magic to have the locations stay current...or do I?
 I used these pictures for the hands.

Here's my name hand template (I ended up making them smaller than this) Click on the image to enlarge and save to your computer.

Thanks to Oh My Craft! for sponsoring this fun project. Be sure to check out them out


  1. Marissa this is fabulous! What a great idea. I know my family would love to have a clock like that, we are big Harry Potter fans here. So fun!

  2. This is such a fun idea!! I LOVE it!! I never would have thought of it. :) So GREAT!


  3. thanks guys I'm SO happy with it

  4. WOMAN. I don't remember how I stumbled across your blog to begin with, but I am SO glad I did. I just love what you post and THIS I will DEFINITELY be making for my family! I am so excited!

  5. Marissa... if you were to sale these I would TOTALLY buy one. :) LOVE!!!!!

  6. This is brilliant! I think I need to make one!

  7. I just love, love this! You really did a great job.

  8. Love it! How did you cut out those letters in the vinyl?? Did you have some sort of tool or stencil cutter?

  9. kkansted I cut it out on my cricut paper cutting machine